Episode #4: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO – “The Trigon Unleashed”

Welcome back! Today we are discussing the third episode of “Droids: The Adventure of R2-D2 and C-3PO” entitled “The Trigon Unleashed.” The episode originally aired September 21st, 1985. It is the continuation of the Thall, Jord, and Kea arc. We have one more episode after this one before the droids get a new master.

We discuss what we are currently reading in the Star Wars canon. Jamey is working on Battlefront books and Matt is working on “From a Certain Point of View.” We discuss the rumors about the new Thrawn novel “Thrawn: Alliances”. We also discuss the new title of the next standalone movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

We close out the episode by discussing the MyComyc comics for “Droids” produced for a Spanish magazine back in the 1980s. These comics appeared in a Spanish magazine and were lost for 20 years. A comic book artist re-discovered them


PLOT SUMMARY – The Trigon unleashed

The episode opens up with Kea and C-3PO at the garage. Everyone is on edge due to the conclusion of the previous episode where the team steals the weapons satelite, the Trigon One. C-3PO thinks he can cut the tension by stealing cable and watching a cartoon starring R2-units.

Instead, he accidentally hacks into a FaceTime conversation between Tig and Sise Fromm where they realize that the Fromm gang is about to attack and capture them. Just in time, R2-D2 and Thall show up and save the day. C-3PO, Kea, Thall and R2-D2 all escape in a speeder.

A speeder chase ensues. After a lot of action, the team finds themselves trapped in an alleyway and then trapped in a warehouse with Vlix and some henchmen.

So after the trap, the characters are taken to Tig Fromm. He interogates them as to the whereabouts of his weapons satelite Trigon One. Tig explains that if they are in charge and destroy the other gangs, there will be a lot more order in the galaxy since the gangs won’t continue to fight each other. During the interrogation, Vlix is caught watching the R2 TV show.

Vlix then shows Thall and Kea that the gang has kidnapped Kea’s mother and Jord. They will be kept hostage until the Trigon One is returned to the gang. Thall refuses to discuss it with Tig, instead he suggests that he will tell Tig’s father Sise Fromm. So the prisoners are transferred back to Sise Fromm. C-3PO and R2-D2 are kept in a zero gravity chamber on the transport. Kea and Thall are kept in a jail cell. They develop a plan to sabotage the Trigon One. The droids decide to spy on the gang. C-3PO sees some droids being tortured so they decide to end their spy-craft, immediately.

Thall and Kea meet Sise Fromm while he’s eating soup. The soup is spilled on the villains. Thall gives up the location of the Trigon One. Tig Fromm goes off with Vlix to retrieve the weapon. Sise Fromm immediately reverses the deal and will not release the hostages. Now the gang is altogether again, but in jail. C-3PO fools the guard into opening the door and some stuff happens and everyone escapes. Once free, Thall tells everyone to get out of the base before the Trigon gets back because the satelite is going to destroy the base.

Tig and Vlix are flying the Trigon One back to Anoo while our heroes are trying to rescue Kea’s mother. Jord and C-3PO steal a ship while Kea and Thall search for her mother. Tig realizes he’s going to crash.

Running out of time, C-3PO and R2-D2 borrow a forklift and try to help Kea and Thall with their rescue of Kea’s mother. C-3PO accidentally use the forklift to destroy some droids guarding the cells and Kea is able to save her mother.

The ship Jord stole is malfunctioning and he cannot get it to start. The base is in full evacuation, the collision with the Trigon One is imminent. Jord cannot get the ship to start, so he uses some of C-3PO’s parts to complete the repairs. At the last second, Jord gets the ship going using a servo from C-3PO.

The Trigon One crashes into the base. Our team flies off into space. The End.


We are almost done with Thall, Kea, and Jord. The next episode, the gang finally shows up at the Boonta races…also Boba Fett is BACK! I hope you join us to talk about podracing, droid racism, and deus ex machina…and BOBA FETT. Ok, I won’t over sell it. See you next week.

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